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Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Hispanics: Symptom Characteristics and Prediction of Severity

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Literature suggests that an increasing number of Hispanic people suffer with GAD, and possible associated problems include high costs for treatment and elevated risk of severe impairment. The current study examined components of anxiety, as measured by currently available assessment instruments in both English and Spanish languages, among bilingual Hispanic individuals with GAD. Participants completed all instruments in both languages. Relations between these self-report measures and clinician-rated GAD severity were also studied. In factor analyses, the Spanish measures yielded two factors, the first of which included all instruments assessing physiological components of anxiety and one content specific measure of worry. The second factor included one worry scale and one trait anxiety scale. The English measures yielded a single factor solution. Regression analyses revealed that for the English measures, the BAI and PSWQ were statistically significant predictors of GAD severity. For the Spanish measures, the BAI was the only statistically significant predictor.


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J Psychopathol Behav Assess