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Predictors of Suicide Attempt Status: Acquired Capability, Ideation, and Reasons

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The present study compared Non-Attempters, Recent Attempters, and Distant Attempters on the following three constructs: Acquired capability for suicide, reasons for attempting suicide (internal perturbation based reasons vs. extrapunitive/manipulative reasons), and suicidal ideation. Participants were 40 Non-Attempters, 28 Recent Attempters, and 32 Distant Attempters at three state psychiatric hospitals. The sample consisted of 63 males and 37 females ranging in age from 18 to 63 years (M = 35.84, SD = 11.44). All patients completed the self-report measures. There were significant differences between the groups on suicidal ideation and acquired capability for suicide. The results of the present study indicate that acquired capability and reasons for attempting suicide have considerable importance for understanding suicide risk. Integration of acquired capability for suicide and reasons for attempting suicide into assessment and treatment is warranted.


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