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The Psychological Health Symptoms of DACA Recipients: A Systematic Review at the Ten-Year Mark of the Program

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The purpose of this systematic review was to identify the mental health symptoms endorsed by DACA recipients. This study included qualitative and quantitative original, peer-reviewed articles related to mental health or psychological state or wellbeing of DACA recipients. Articles were abstracted from PsychInfo, PubMed, and GoogleScholar. The results included a total of fifteen articles, which were divided into qualitative and quantitative findings. The qualitative articles had a common theme of endorsement of depressive symptoms and negative affect associated to changes in familial and financial responsibilities and living in a difficult sociopolitical climate in the United States. The quantitative articles identified lower odds or symptom severity of depression and other internalizing symptoms compared to undocumented individuals. This summary review was limited by the ample exclusion of access to health care studies among DACamented individuals, which could have provided a broader picture about the health and accessibility for DACA recipients. Despite the limitations, this review identifies DACA as a policy that allows this group to improve their social function and quality of life compared to undocumented individuals but still endorse high levels of negative affect related to perceived challenging sociopolitical atmospheres


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Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health