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Disasters of any nature whether man made or due to nature's fury are well known to cause a variety of psychological sequelae. One such natural disaster took place in August 2010 in Leh, when cloudburst triggering torrential rains, flash floods and mud slides struck Leh town of Ladakh causing massive destruction to flora and fauna. The present study aims to gauge the effect of number of trauma events previously faced by an individual, positive affect, negative affect and social support on Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) among 98 (48 female & 50 male) residents of Leh who were exposed to the fury of the cloudburst in one way or the other. Participants were in the age range of 19-76 years with mean age being 33.6 years. Nearly 9 % of the participants reported to be in the diagnosable range of PTSD. Multiple regression analysis further revealed that number of previous trauma events faced by an individual, positive affect, negative affect, and social support together predicted 12.5% variance in PTSD. Relief and rehabilitation programmes to be effective should consider the factors that affect the trauma scores for the well being of individuals.


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