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Faith Hillis is Professor of Russian History at the University of Chicago. She is particularly interested in nineteenth and twentieth century politics, culture, and ideas. She is the author of Children of Rus’: Right Bank Ukraine and the Invention of a Russian Nation (Cornell, 2013) and Utopia’s Discontents: Russian Exiles and the Quest for Freedom, 1830 1930 (Oxford, 2021). The latter work was awarded the 2022 Wayne S. Vucinich Book Prize from ASEEES, which recognizes the most important contribution in any discipline of Slavic studies. The recipient of research fellowships at Columbia, Harvard, and the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at the New York Public Library, her research has been funded by ACLS, IREX, Fulbright Hays, and the NEH, among others.

What is behind Russia’s apparent obsession with Ukraine? This talk explores why Russians see Ukraine as an integral part of their territory and history, on the one hand, and as an existential and irreconcilable threat, on the other. Showing that this contradictory mode of thinking is not merely a function of current events, but is deeply rooted in history, it argues that altering this mindset will prove necessary to restore peace to Ukraine.

Rondel Davidson Endowed Lecture

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Ukraine, Russia, war, invasion, annexation, Russo-Ukraine War (2014-)




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An Unhealthy Obsession: Understanding Russian Views of Ukraine

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