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Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 06


Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 06




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0:00 Introduction

0:30 Since George W. Bush was a Texan; how was your relationship with him and how did this relationship impact the Valley?

1:25 Was that good for the Valley once George W. Bush became president?

2:00 When he ran for reelection and lost to Bill Clinton; I think one of the biggest problems was the economy at that point… Did the economic issues impact the Valley at that time?

3:40 At the end of Cold War, did the change of government impact your work on the agriculture committee?

5:00 Kika’s relationship with Russian agriculture members.

7:27 How was your relationship with Bill Clinton?

8:00 President Bill Clinton had interest about Rio Grande Valley (South Texas area).

9:03 In 1994 they promised 40 million dollars to help Rio Grande Valley improving work and lives in the Valley.

15:00 Kika’s association with Mexico (regarding to Mexican products) and the impact of this association in both Mexico and the USA.

18:20 Can you tell us about the talks between USA and Europe, in regards to the Agricultural aspects?

20:00 Gap was positive for agriculture at some degree.

23:00 Agriculture in Mexico.

24:05 What was your relationship with Michael Espy (U.S. Secretary of Agriculture at that time)?

28:40 Agricultural products and its issues in Texas.

31:00 Can you talk about the first two years of Clinton presidency?

33:15 1994 midterm elections.

42:30 Is there anything you want to add that you can think of?







Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 06