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Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 05


Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 05




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0:00 Introduction
0:28 What were your thoughts and feelings with regards to Jimmy Carter loss to Reagan in 1980?
1:33 Were you surprised that Jimmy Carter lost?
2:40 Do you think he lost because of the economic problems the country was having?
4:06 Do you remember the general feeling in Washington right after Reagan got elected?
5:54 So the people, generally were fearful of him coming to the presidency?
6:25 Reagan was not all knowledgeable on agriculture so he used to rely on Kika’s input in terms of agriculture.
7:50 The house was completely divided into Democrats and Republicans.
9:30 Kika is against building a wall between United States and Mexico.
13:00 Can you talk about the 1980's and the types of social problems that you noticed the nation was facing at that time?
19:30 What was your work relationship with John Rusling Block (U.S. Secretary of Agriculture)?
27:00 Kika’s input helped the people of Mexico and the United States to coordinate efforts, a good working relationship.
36:30 Hundreds of young Mexicans, in order to come to United States; they volunteer to serve in the Army.
38:00 Agriculture benefits to the economy; by bringing Mexicans to work either legally or illegally.
40:00 VA hospital in the Valley and its challenges.
44:00 Farmer rights regarding to production.
52:20 Is there anything else you want to add?
52:36 Earthquake in Mexico.







Eligio (Kika) de la Garza - Part 05