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Since his first formal address in 1998 by Martin Seligman, the significant growth and accomplishments of the positive psychology have been universally noted. Notable breakthroughs include the inception of the International Positive Psychology Association in 2007 and the First World Congress of Positive Psychology in 2009. However, much concern has also arisen in conjunction with the development of positive psychology. For example, Gable and Haidt (2005) argued that the assumption of positive psychology implies the rest of the field must be negative psychology. These controversies are not only limited to the foundation of positive psychological principles and understanding the controversies is requisite to ensuring the correct implementation of positive psychology. In this regard, the authors first describe a fundamental tenet of positive psychology in the areas of positive emotion, positive traits, and positive institutions. Further details on controversies and challenges in each area of concern are discussed, leading to the conclusion that positive psychology is a reputable subdiscipline of psychology.


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