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This study examined the impact of providing progress feedback to individuals with disabilities receiving services at a state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency. Thirty individuals were randomly assigned to receive either group therapy (treatment-as-usual, TAU) or group therapy plus feedback (treatment, Fb) during a 10-week counseling program at one of five agency offices. Each week, participants attended a 90-minute session and completed a measure of mental health (Outcome Questionnaire-45). Longitudinal multilevel models were used to evaluate the hypothesis that participation in the Fb group would lead to improved mental health. The effect of the intervention was conditional on receipt of public benefits for three mental health outcomes: interpersonal relationships (p=.025); social role performance (p=.021), and overall mental health functioning (p=.028). Additionally, a significantly greater proportion of participants were employed at the end of the study (p=0.012). Further research is needed to evaluate the efficacy of feedback interventions in VR settings.


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