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Immigrant region of origin, divorce, and remarriage in the United States

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The present study examines how different cultural regions of origin explain variations in divorce and remarriage among immigrants and the native population of the United States. The study sample which includes ever-married adults ages 18 and above has been obtained from the 2014–2018 American Community Survey (N = 170,184,542). Following Schwartz’s cultural value model, seven immigrant regions of origin were identified: Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, English Speaking, South and Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Africa and the Middle East. Relative probabilities of having at least one divorce, two and three or more marriages were estimated using logistic regression. Results showed that, all things being equal, foreign-born persons from Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Africa and the Middle East were significantly less likely to experience divorce and multiple marriages than U.S.-born non-Hispanic white adults.


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