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Summer 6-25-2022


A cerebral vascular accident, also known as a stroke, is an event in which blood flow to a brain region is disrupted. This disruption leads to loss of perfusion which results in brain tissue death.

The best combat against a stroke and its long-term effects/death is timely interventions. This requires quick symptom recognition by patients and presentation to an emergency department. However, stroke remains the 5th most common cause of CVD-related death. With an incidence of 40% across the United States, stroke events have been identified as an actionable goal by Healthy People 2030; with the goal of decreasing the time between symptom onset and receiving treatment.

This preliminary study aimed to find specific factors that may delay time-to-treatment. Two factors were explored: Gender and Past Medical History. A brief literature review reveled that Females and patients with a history of diabetes have a significantly delayed response to stroke symptoms, indicating a need for further research in this matter.

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medical student



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