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The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) is located in the Southwest of Texas and is considered to have a high prevalence of diabetes and obesity. There are some empirical studies conducted in this region that report on the impact this disease has had on the population. However, most of these studies were conducted years ago and no longer reflect the current trend of diabetes in this region.

This study utilizes the most recent data, from reputable sources, to create an updated report on the prevalence of diabetes and obesity within the Rio Grande Valley. This study utilizes datasets from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) to chart the progress of diabetes and obesity. This data was captured within the time period between 2004-2017 and provides an analysis for comparison of the prevalence of diabetes and obesity between the Rio Grande Valley and the United States.

The results show that the Rio Grande Valley and each of its counties have surpassed the United States in growth percentage for diabetes and obesity. In addition, the national prevalence for diabetes among the Hispanic race-ethnic group has also increased over the measured period.

These findings indicate that there is a great need for enhanced healthcare intervention in this region as the prevalence of these co-morbidity conditions such as diabetes and obesity steadily increase with each passing year, especially in the Hispanic/Latino population. The goal of this study is to raise awareness of these conditions which constitute an important public health issue which needs to be resolved.

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