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Summer 7-14-2023


Purpose: This paper aims to discover ways to improve care for children with medical complexity (CMC) while assisting their families and physicians.

Methodology: Journal titles and abstracts were read to find articles that discussed CMC, difficulties faced by their families and providers, and barriers faced by Latinos specifically.

Results: It was found that many families face financial difficulties that often limit their disposable income. Financial barriers lead families to decide between paying their living expenses or getting medical care for themselves. Transportation is a huge barrier for many families; the options available to them are not always feasible as CMC need modifications to vehicles or specialized car seats.

Primary Care Providers and Pediatric Residents both described various barriers they face when caring for CMC that include but are not limited to - limited face-to-face time, lack of communication, and lack of reimbursement.

Conclusion: Several solutions can alleviate the stressors families and providers face when caring for CMC. These options include education, training, and policy changes that would alter the infrastructure of reimbursement plans and inpatient stays.

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medical student

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