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Summer 6-25-2021


Haplo-essential genes are those which cannot tolerate a loss-of-function (LoF) mutation in a single allele. These essential genes are critical for cell survival (cell essential) and organism development (developmental essential). De novo LoF mutations of halpo-essential genes, therefore, likely contribute to reproductive failure in humans. Recently, Nucleolar protein 6 (Nol6), a protein coding gene, has been identified as an ideal candidate for phenotypic expansion for exploring genetic variants related to stillbirth [1]. Mouse embryos were edited via CRISPR/Cas9 reagents to induce a heterozygous LoF mutation in Nol6, followed by in vitro culture to blastocyst stage to experimentally assess haplo-essentiality. Phenotype was annotated using an embryoscope and was correlated to genotype obtained by Sanger sequencing. Fisher exact tests and Wilcoxon Sum Ranked tests were used to statistically analyze results.

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medical student

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