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Across the country, internal medicine residency training programs are having difficulty figuring out how to optimally implement an effective point-of-care ultrasound training into their respective curricula. This study aimed to assess whether a week-long training course of didactics, followed by hands-on practice, improved both the confidence and knowledge skills of internal medicine residents using point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). The trainees were asked to complete pre/post-training surveys, which tested their ability to interpret POCUS images and also asked them to score their confidence in using POCUS. Results showed a statistically significant improvement in not only their confidence in using POCUS, but also their knowledge levels of interpreting POCUS images. There were many limitations to this study including a small sample size and unusable data due to incomplete surveys. However, we hope this study exemplifies that a well-implemented POCUS training can potentially encourage trainees everywhere to confidently incorporate POCUS in their own practices and improve overall patient care.

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