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Fall 11-20-2020


Background: The transition for medical students from pre-clinical education to the clinical learning environment introduces different expectations, methods of evaluation, and new working conditions. A mobile-friendly web application with clerkship specific information was developed to assess whether clinical preparedness increased among third-year medical students at transitioning to their clinical curriculum.

Objectives: To determine whether medical students’ clinical preparedness increased as they transitioned into clinical rotations by using a mobile-friendly web application that contained information and advice shared by senior medical students that had already completely their rotations.

Methods: Third-year medical students at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine were provided access prior to beginning their clinical clerkships to a web application that contained clinical clerkship specific information. An informational webinar was held one week prior to the beginning of students’ clinical clerkships. It was at this time that students received a survey questionnaire that assessed their preparedness with regards to the duties and responsibilities of their upcoming clerkships. After completing their respective clerkship, students received a survey questionnaire that sought to assess whether the web application and its contents increased their overall clinical and academic preparedness.

Results: A total of 40 incoming third-year medical students agreed to partake in the study and completed the pre-clerkship survey. The number of students who completed the post clerkship survey was 9/40 (23%).

Conclusion: Preliminary data suggest that clinical preparedness increased for the students that continued to use the application throughout their clinical clerkship. However, there was a substantial drop in students who completed the post-survey questionnaire. Further analysis of the data is required for proper conclusions to be drawn.

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Medical Education

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