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According to the literature, bereavement photography was an important part of funeral rituals in many countries, including Mexicoand the United States. By the early to mid- 20th century, the custom appeared to have fallen out of favor in both countries except in the case of neonatal bereavement photography, at least in theUnited States. By comparing participants from 2 distinct cultures - theUnited States andMexico - I hope to show that bereavement photography can still be a useful tool during grieving. Anxiety and depression related to the topic of death will be evaluated for differences or similarities between the 2 cultures using Templer’s Death Anxiety Scale (TDAS) and Death Depression Scale-Revised (DDS-R). In addition, there was an effort to determine if other variables correlate with these scores, including knowledge of, owning, or having taken a bereavement photograph. An examination of the history of post-mortem photography in both countries indicated that such images provide survivors with tangible mementos of the deceased and could be an equally powerful tool in grief work today.


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