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Introduction: Mucormycosis is an opportunistic mycosis common in poorly-controlled insulin dependent diabetic patients particularly with ketoacidosis. Fungal osteomyelitis is a life-threatening condition affectation of the nose and paranasal sinuses within the orofacial region.

Presentation of case: We present a 63-year-old diabetic male patient with maxillary mucormycotic osteomyelitis threatening his better seeing eye and review the clinical symptoms, relevant imaging, and management.

Discussion: We highlight a rare pattern of craniofacial fungal bone infection with maxillary and orbital involvement that ultimately spared the optic nerve. This case report offers the clinician a review of important clinical and diagnostic findings that can help direct the need for orbital exenteration.

Conclusion: Maxillary mucormycotic osteomyelitis is an aggressive infection that needs to be addressed promptly to prevent fatal consequences.


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