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Home Away From Home: Mentorship and Research in Private Practices for Students Without Home Programs

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As the competitiveness of matching to an otolaryngology residency continues to climb, students are encouraged to seek mentorship and research within their home institution. This notion, however, does not account for students without a home otolaryngology program or department. Here, we present a research model where medical students conduct clinical research and gain experience and mentorship within a local otolaryngology private practice. Over the span of 6 years, rotating students produced an average of 3 research projects per year. Fourth-year medical students within the practice had an average of 20.5 publications, exceeding the 2020 National Residency Match Program's metrics for matched otolaryngology applicants. Private practices may provide research and mentorship for students with limited resources. Similarly, physicians who oversee such students may gain added help to conduct research within their practice. This symbiotic relationship may serve in advancing evidence-based clinical practice while amplifying the diverse voices of students otherwise seldom heard.


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Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery



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