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Purpose: The Rio Grande Valley in South Texas comprises 5% percent of Texas's population yet 17%of Texas's COVID-19 deaths. We aimed to address underlying mistrust and systemic racism in our Hispanic community that contributes to health inequities by developing a cultural competence guide for public health messaging.

Methods: We employed a mixed method design (e.g., focus groups, surveys, interviews) to develop and implement a cultural competence guide in an iterative community-informed process. We created a general cultural competence guide, one for the Hispanic community and one for the hard-of-hearing community.

Results: Our cultural competence guides provide an interpretation as to whether the message is culturally competent or requires revisions. The guides have the following five categories: content and clarity, emotions and values, audience and inclusivity, call to action, and gestalt.

Conclusions: The Hispanic community needs more culturally competent public health messaging to address a key root cause of health inequities surrounding COVID-19. Our novel, concise guides can help organizations and individuals seeking to create culturally sensitive and, therefore, more effective public health messaging for Hispanic or deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.


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