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Dementia is a global public health problem with increasing prevalence and incidence worldwide. The African continent is expected to bear the biggest brunt of the burden of dementia by 2050 because of the rapid demographic changes, including rapid population growth, an increase in life expectancy, and ageing. However, French-speaking Sub-Saharan African (FS-SSA) countries are underrepresented in research on dementia in Africa. While the reasons are diverse and complex, linguistic and cultural barriers to research, disproportionately affect these countries and may be significant factors. Any efforts, therefore, to redress the burden of dementia in Africa must consider the specific demographic, cultural, and linguistic characteristics of FS-SSA countries. This scoping review explores the current state of knowledge in dementia and cognitive impairment in Sub-Saharan Africa, highlighting research gaps and specific patterns unique to FS-SSA Africa. We identify pathways for research to bridge the knowledge gaps on dementia in FS-SSA as part of the global endeavor to tackle dementia worldwide.

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