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Development of the National Otolaryngology Interest Group: Conception to Implementation

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Otolaryngology is a small and highly sought-after surgical subspecialty with sparse residency positions, making it competitive to match into. Allopathic (MD) students without home otolaryngology residency programs, osteopathic (DO) medical students, and underrepresented minorities have historically faced additional challenges in matching into otolaryngology. These specific populations generally experience limited opportunities in establishing mentors, engaging in scholarly activity, and gaining early exposure to clinical settings. Even though the American Osteopathic Association and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education merger was in part established to create equity among applicants, there remains a substantial disparity among the match rates of medical students of various educational and cultural backgrounds. The National Otolaryngology Interest Group is a student-led interest group created to provide all medical students, especially those facing barriers, with the resources needed to best prepare for matching into an otolaryngology residency program and ultimately a career in otolaryngology.


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