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As the number of Spanish- speaking patients with cancer in the USA grows, it is vital that reliable online breast cancer information is available in Spanish. The main objective of our study was to determine the quality and reliability of online videos in Spanish regarding breast cancer. We conducted a YouTube search using the phrase "cancer de mama" (breast cancer) and graded their quality and reliability using the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Benchmark Criteria, Global Quality Score (GQS), and the Modified DISCERN Questionnaire. Videos were characterized by descriptive variables. Videos were primarily from Spain (36.4%) and Mexico (17.9%). ‘professional’ videos had the highest JAMA mean rank (99.53), the highest GQS mean rank (102.86) and the and second- highest DISCERN (101.10) mean rank. ‘Personal’ videos, by contrast, had the lowest mean rank values for GQS (72.28) and DISCERN (68.83) scores. A significant majority of online breast cancer videos in Spanish were of poor quality and reliability. ‘Professional’ videos are of higher quality and reliability than videos of other typologies; however, they have a limited range of content. In addition, a small percentage of videos were uploaded from the USA.


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