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Dietary mung bean as promising food for human health: gut microbiota modulation and insight into factors, regulation, mechanisms and therapeutics—an update

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Plant-based functional foods have gained wider attention in current scenario with mung bean harboring several bioactive compounds with promising gut health benefits and pharmacological importance. Consumption of mung bean has a positive impact on beneficial gut microbes and microbial metabolite production. The effects of dietary mung bean on gut microbial homeostasis and the management of gut-related diseases along with the possible mechanism of action, have been highlighted through this review paving a way for a promising role of dietary mung bean as a functional food in the management of gut-related diseases for example mung bean peptides can help not only in treating prediabetes but also delaying the aging process by targeting the intestinal microflora. In addition, expanding our knowledge of how diets affect host health and disease, including the effects of mung bean dietary components on gut microbiota-derived metabolites, will eventually allow for the development of tailored diets and nutrients.

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Food Science and Biotechnology



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Immunology and Microbiology