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Safety Outcomes of Antiplatelet Therapy During Endovascular Treatment of Tandem Lesions in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients

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Risk of hemorrhage remains with antiplatelet medications required with carotid stenting during endovascular therapy (EVT) for tandem lesion (TLs). We evaluated the safety of antiplatelet regimens in EVT of TLs. This multicenter study included anterior circulation TL patients from 2015 to 2020, stratified by periprocedural EVT antiplatelet strategy: (1) no antiplatelets, (2) single oral, (3) dual oral, and (4) intravenous IV (in combination with single or dual oral). Primary outcome was symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage (sICH). Secondary outcomes were any hemorrhage, favorable functional status (mRS 0-2) at 90 days, successful reperfusion (mTICI score ≥ 2b), in-stent thrombosis, and mortality at 90 days. Of the total 691 patients, 595 were included in the final analysis. One hundred and nineteen (20%) received no antiplatelets, 134 (22.5%) received single oral, 152 (25.5%) dual oral, and 196 (31.9%) IV combination. No significant association was found for sICH (ref: no antiplatelet: 5.7%; single:4.2%; aOR 0.64, CI 0.20-2.06, p = 0.45, dual:1.9%; aOR 0.35, CI 0.09-1.43, p = 0.15, IV combination: 6.1%; aOR 1.05, CI 0.39-2.85, p = 0.92). No association was found for parenchymal or petechial hemorrhage. Odds of successful reperfusion were significantly higher with dual oral (aOR 5.85, CI 2.12-16.14, p = 0.001) and IV combination (aOR 2.35, CI 1.07-5.18, p = 0.035) compared with no antiplatelets. Odds of excellent reperfusion (mTICI 2c/3) were significantly higher for cangrelor (aOR 4.41; CI 1.2-16.28; p = 0.026). No differences were noted for mRS 0-2 at 90 days, in-stent thrombosis, and mortality rates. Administration of dual oral and IV (in combination with single or dual oral) antiplatelets during EVT was associated with significantly increased odds of successful reperfusion without an increased rate of symptomatic hemorrhage or mortality in patients with anterior circulation TLs.


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