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Pulmonary emphysema characterized by alveolar wall destruction is resultant of persistent chronic inflammation. All-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) has been reported to reverse elastase-induced emphysema in rats. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms are so far unknown.


To investigate the therapeutic potential effect of ATRA via the amelioration of the ERK/JAK-STAT pathways in the lungs of emphysematous rats.


In silico analysis was done to find the binding efficiency of ATRA with receptor and ligands of ERK & JAK-STAT pathway. Emphysema was induced by porcine pancreatic elastase in Sprague-Dawley rats and ATRA was supplemented as therapy. Lungs were harvested for histopathological, genomics and proteomics analysis.

Results and Discussion

In silico docking, analysis confirms that ATRA interferes with the normal binding of ligands (TNF-α, IL6ST) and receptors (TNFR1, IL6) of ERK/JAK-STAT pathways respectively. ATRA restored the histology, proteases/antiproteases balance, levels of inflammatory markers, antioxidants, expression of candidate genes of ERK and JAK-STAT pathways in the therapy group.


ATRA ameliorates ERK/JAK-STAT pathway in emphysema condition, resulting in alveolar epithelium regeneration. Hence, ATRA may prove to be a potential drug in the treatment of emphysema.


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