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Masson's tumor, also known as intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia (IPEH), is a rare and benign vascular disease in which there is a reactive hyperplasia of intravascular endothelial cells. This tumor is most commonly found in soft tissues in the head, neck and upper extremities. We report a rare case of IPEH on the vulva. A Hispanic woman in her mid-thirties presented with a painful and pruritic left vulvar mass. On physical examination, a pedunculated mass was visualized on the left labia majora. Under pathologic examination, it was concluded the lesion was IPEH and it was surgically excised. This is a rare case of IPEH located on the vulva. However, despite this rarity, a simple local excision could be used to manage IPEH.


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Case Reports in Women's Health



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