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Introduction Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority group in the United States. The prevalence of depression and co-morbid depression in the Hispanic population is well-recognized. The positive association between physical activity and psychological health improves mood, emotional well-being, and prognostic outcome.

Objectives There are two aspects of our research paper. First, it critically reviews the available literature showing the correlation between physical exercise and depression. Second, it analyzes the association between exercise and depression in uncontrolled diabetic Hispanics using data collected from the local community intervention program.

Method A chi-square analysis was conducted to examine whether levels of physical activity reported at the baseline were associated with the frequency of depressed mood and anhedonia selfreported for the previous two weeks. This study utilized the use of the PHQ-2 scale for the assessment of depressive symptoms. The PHQ-2 scale is a useful tool to screen for depression in the integrated care setting. Participants from a local community intervention program were stratified on the basis of their gender and preferred language. Data were collected and represented in tables according to demographic characteristics.

Results Our study established a statistically significant association between the levels of physical activity and the frequency of depression symptoms among Spanish speaking participants from the local community intervention program. These results provide convincing evidence that biological, developmental, social, and psychological factors facilitate the association between physical activity and depression.


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