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Utilization of safe cytotoxic agents with precise anticancer activity is considered as the prime focus of cancer therapeutics research. A greater incentive for such agents arises from the molecules/drugs that are already being used for other indications. Ormeloxifene (ORM) is a nonsteroidal, nonhormonal selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), which has been in human use for contraception purposes. Although in the recent past, many reports have suggested its emerging role as an anticancer agent, no significant attention was paid toward generating simple and safe nanoformulation( s) for improved therapeutic activity and tumor cell-specific delivery. Our aim is to develop nanoformulation(s) of ormeloxifene to improve its targeted delivery in tumor cells. We developed ormeloxifene nanoformulation(s) by utilizing various biocompatible polymers. The optimized formulations with pluronic polymers F127 and F68 show improved nanoparticle characteristics. These formulations show enhanced cellular uptake that allows ormeloxifene’s intracellular availability. We further evaluated its improved anticancer activity by performing cell proliferation, flow cytometry, and immunoblotting assays. Overall, this study confirms possible novel nanoformulation(s) of ormeloxifene to be evolved as a new therapeutic modality for cancer treatment.


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