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Fullerenes have attracted considerable attention due to their unique chemical structure and potential applications. In this study fullerenes (C20 to C180) were interacted with different forms of DNA i.e. A, B and Z-forms. And no such change in the binding score was observed with the change in the sequence of DNA. In fact, binding score increases with the increase in the molecular weight of the fullerene while interacting with A & B-form of DNA but Z-form of DNA shows no regular pattern of binding. Number of interacting base pairs increases as the molecular size of fullerene increases. And the groove binding depends on the form of DNA, fullerene and fullerene family binds in major groove of A-DNA while binds in both major and minor grooves in B and Z-form of DNA. This study reveals that binding pattern of fullerene family with DNA, which can disrupt its structure and may leads to several biological errors.


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International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research

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Immunology and Microbiology



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