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Toxoplasmosis gondii is a parasite whose natural host is the cat. Ocular toxoplasmosis can be categorized into two forms of infections: congenital, where an infant is infected in utero; and acquired, where an individual is typically infected by ingesting food contaminated with T. Gondii oocytes. Although acquired infections are rare in the United States, they can occur and toxoplasmosis should be in the differential diagnosis of an infectious optic neuritis.

The typical manifestation of toxoplasmosis is a retinochoroiditis, with a “headlight in the fog” appearance, due to dense inflammation of the vitreous; consequently, the diagnosis is often made clinically. This case describes a healthy 36-year-old Hispanic male who had an atypical presentation, with minimal vitritis and papillomacular involvement; thus serology was necessary for a definitive diagnosis. Treatment led to a rapid improvement in vision and ultimately a good prognosis.

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