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Candida pericarditis is a rare condition which has previously been described after cardiothoracic surgery and immunosuppressive states (Geisler et al., 1981; Eng et al., 1981; Kraus et al., 1988; Kaufman et al., 1988; Tang et al., 2009; Glower et al., 1990; Carrel et al., 1991; Rabinovici et al., 1997; Canver et al., 1998; Farjah et al., 2005; Gronemeyer et al., 1982 [1-11]). We describe the case of a 19-year-old male blunt trauma patient, who survived a damage control thoracotomy and laparotomy with splenectomy, who later developed a loculated Candida pericardial effusion, complicated with cardiac tamponade and multiple organ failure, and required antifungals and surgical reintervention with thoracotomy for drainage. A literature search of the reported cases demonstrates that Candida pericarditis is indeed a rare but fatal condition if not identified and treated appropriately. This article discusses the difficulties we encountered while recognizing the disorder in our patient and proposes a guideline to adequately treat the condition in an effective and timely manner. Candida pericarditis poses a special challenge for the physician since its correct diagnosis and management requires a multidisciplinary approach.


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