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Many patients treated with endovascular thrombectomy (EVT) in clinical practice would not have qualified for inclusion in the initial clinical trials demonstrating benefit for EVT, yet likely will benefit from reperfusion. One such subset for which data are sparse is patients with emergent large‐vessel occlusion and concomitant intracranial hemorrhage (ICH). The objective of this report is to document patients who underwent thrombectomy for large‐vessel occlusion in the presence of concomitant ICH and evaluate their clinical characteristics and outcomes.


We retrospectively reviewed prospectively collected patient records at 4 comprehensive stroke centers from 2012 to 2019. Patients were identified who had pre‐EVT ICH. Data collected included baseline patient demographics and laboratory values, stroke characteristics, ICH radiographic variables, antiplatelet/anticoagulant/thrombolytic medication use, and procedural factors. The primary safety outcome was any worsening of ICH on neuroimaging obtained 24 hours after EVT.


Eight patients were identified who underwent thrombectomy with concomitant ICH. The mean age was 71.9 years (range, 37–90). Median National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale score was 25 (interquartile range, 16.5–28.8), and 5 (63%) received tissue plasminogen activator. All patients underwent EVT and had mTICI2B or greater reperfusion. In 7 patients (88%), the initial ICH remained stable on postprocedure imaging. In 1 patient who received intravenous antiplatelet agents during thrombectomy, the hemorrhagic transformation was radiographically increased but without clinical correlate or mass effect.


In a multi‐institution evaluation of 8 patients with ICH at the time of thrombectomy, 1 patient had radiographic worsening of hemorrhage, and no patient experienced clinical worsening related to hemorrhage progression. These findings suggest that thrombectomy may be safe in this population.


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