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Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (TSC) can be preceded by emotional, physical, or no identifiable trigger. Despite being a transient condition, it is associated with a substantial risk for in-hospital adverse events. The clinical features and the short-term outcomes of TSC in South Texas Hispanics (STH) are unknown.


We identified patients with the diagnosis of TSC at an academic institution from 2005-2017. Patients who did not have coronary angiography were excluded. Demographics, presenting symptoms, triggers, left ventricular characteristics and outcomes were expressed as percentages. Continuous variables were expressed as means.


Of 41 patients with TSC, the diagnosis was confirmed in 38, of which 27 (71.1%) were Hispanics. In this group, the mean (±SD) age was 69±11.5 years; 92.6% were women. Comorbidities included: hypertension (70%), obesity (47%), and diabetes (30%). The most common presenting symptoms were chest pain (66.7%) and dyspnea (48.2%). Physical, emotional, and no specific triggers were identified in 37.4%, 33.3%, and 29.6% of the patients, respectively. Apical and mid-ventricular TSC were identified in 95% and 5% of the patients, respectively. The mean left ventricular ejection fraction was 35.9±10.3%. Cardiogenic shock and respiratory failure occurred in 37% and 25.9% of the patients, respectively. There were no in-hospital deaths in the entire cohort.


The clinical features and short-term outcomes of TSC in STH are similar to those found in recently published data. Emotional triggers are not as common as initially thought. The rate of severe in-hospital complications occurred in at least one-third of the patients, but there were no deaths.


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