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We conducted a genome-wide linkage scan to detect loci that influence the levels of fasting triglycerides in plasma. Fasting triglyceride levels were available at 4 time points (visits), 2 pre- and 2 post-fenofibrate intervention. Multipoint identity-by-descent (MIBD) matrices were derived from genotypes using IBDLD. Variance-component linkage analyses were then conducted using SOLAR (Sequential Oligogenic Linkage Analysis Routines). We found evidence of linkage (logarithm of odds [LOD] ≥3) at 5 chromosomal regions with triglyceride levels in plasma. The highest LOD scores were observed for linkage to the estimated genetic value (additive genetic component) of the log-normalized triglyceride levels in plasma. Our results suggest that a chromosome 10 locus at 37 cM (LODpre = 3.01, LODpost = 3.72) influences fasting triglyceride levels in plasma regardless of the fenofibrate intervention, and that loci in chromosomes 1 at 170 cM and 4 at 24 cM ceases to affect the triglyceride levels when fenofibrate is present, while the regions in chromosomes 6 at 136 to 162 cM and 11 at 39 to 40 cM appear to influence triglyceride levels in response to fenofibrate.


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