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Numerous cosmetic enhancements and augmentations to the natural appearance of the periorbital area are readily available today. Due to the increasing popularity of these cosmetic procedures, it is important for ophthalmologists to be aware of their potential risks, complications and adverse effects. The aim of this literature review was to introduce some of the most common ocular cosmetic enhancements and provide a comprehensive overview of their associated adverse effects reported in various medical journals. PubMed, Embase, and Google Scholar were used to identify articles related to the following ocular cosmetic procedures; eyelash extensions, permanent eyelid tattooing, and eyelash dyeing. The most common complication associated with eyelash extensions was allergic blepharitis (79%). Allergic granulomatous reactions were the predominant complication in patients who underwent eyelid tattooing (56%). Besides, 60% of subjects who underwent eyelash dyeing experienced allergic contact dermatitis as the most common adverse effect. Although millions of these procedures are performed annually without any adverse effects, reports of complications continue to increase in the literature. Knowledge of the possible adverse effects associated with these enhancements is important for eye care providers and licensed estheticians to be aware of given both the direct and indirect effects they may have on ocular health and visual outcomes.


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