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The United State Food and Drug Administration has permitted number of therapeutic agents for cancer treatment. Most of them are expensive and have some degree of systemic toxicity which makes overbearing in clinical settings. Although advanced research continuously applied in cancer therapeutics, but drug resistance, metastasis, and recurrence remain unanswerable These accounts to an urgent clinical need to discover natural compounds with precisely safe and highly efficient for the cancer prevention and cancer therapy. Gambogic acid (GA) is the principle bioactive and caged xanthone component, a brownish gamboge resin secreted from the of Garcinia hanburyi tree. This molecule showed a spectrum of biological and clinical benefits against various cancers. In this review, we document distinct biological characteristics of GA as a novel anti-cancer agent. This review also delineates specific molecular mechanism(s) of GA that are involved in anti-cancer, anti-metastasis, anti-angiogenesis, and chemo-/radiation sensitizer activities. Furthermore, recent evidence, development, and implementation of various nanoformulations of gambogic acid (nanomedicine) have been described.

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Biochimica et biophysica acta. Reviews on cancer,



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Immunology and Microbiology



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