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In this study, we investigated the therapeutic efficacy of VERU-111 in vitro and in vivo model systems of cervical cancer. VERU-111 treatment inhibited cell proliferation and, clonogenic potential, induce accumulation of p53 and down regulated the expression of HPV E6/E7 expression in cervical cancer cells. In addition, VERU-111 treatment also decreased the expression of phosphorylation of Jak2 (TyR1007/1008) and STAT3 at Tyr705 and Ser727. VERU-111 treatment arrested cell cycle in the G2/M phase and modulated cell cycle regulatory proteins (cyclin B1, p21 p34cdc2 and pcdk1). Moreover, VERU-111 treatment induced apoptosis and modulated the expression of Bid, Bcl-xl, Survivin, Bax, Bcl2 and cleavage in PARP. In functional assays, VERU-111 markedly reduced the tumorigenic, migratory, and invasive potential of cervical cancer cells via modulations of MMPs. VERU-111 treatment also showed significant (P<0.05) inhibition of orthotopic xenograft tumor growth in athymic nude mice. Taken together, our results demonstrate the potential anti-cancer efficacy of VERU-111 in in vitro and in vivo. VERU-111 can be explored as a potent therapeutic agent for the treatment of cervical cancer.

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Cancer letters



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Immunology and Microbiology



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