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Kaempferol sensitizes cell proliferation inhibition in oxaliplatin-resistant colon cancer cells

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Resolution to chemoresistance is a major challenge in patients with advanced-stage malignancies. Thus, identification of action points and elucidation of molecular mechanisms for chemoresist human cancer are necessary to overcome this challenge. In this study, we provide important evidence that kaempferol targeting RSKs might be a strategy to reduce the oxaliplatin-resistant colon cancer cells. We found that MAPK and PI3K-AKT signaling were increased in oxaliplatin (Ox)-resistant HCT116 (HCT116-OxR) cells compared to Ox-sensitive HCT116 (HCT116-OxS) cells. Comparison of cell sensitivities using SP600125 (JNK inhibitor), SB206580 (p38 kinase inhibitor), or MK-2206 (AKT inhibitor) revealed that cell proliferation inhibition was strongly observed in HT29 cells compared to that in HCT116 cells in both OxS and OxR cells. Interestingly, SP600125, SB206580, and MK-2206 treatment showed higher cell proliferation inhibition in OxS cells than that in OxR cells in both HCT116 and HT29 cells, except following treatments with 10 µM of SP600125, and 30 µM of SB206580. In comparison to magnolin and aschantin, kaempferol showed the strongest inhibitory effect on cell proliferation in both HCT116 and HT29 cells. Importantly, HCT116- and HT29-OxR cells showed higher sensitivities to cell proliferation inhibition than those of HCT116- and HT29-OxS cells, resulting in the accumulation of cells at the G2/M-phases of the cell cycle. Finally, we showed that AP-1 transactivation activity was markedly decreased by kaempferol in HCT116- and HT29-OxR cells compared to the activity levels in HCT116- and HT29-OxS cells. Taken together, the results demonstrate that kaempferol-mediated AP-1 inhibition might be an important signaling mechanism to resolve the chemoresistance of Ox-resistant colon cancer cells.


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