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Early Postmarket Results with EmboTrap II Stent Retriever for Mechanical Thrombectomy: A Multicenter Experience

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Background and purpose: EmboTrap II is a novel stent retriever with a dual-layer design and distal mesh designed for acute ischemic stroke emergent large-vessel occlusions. We present the first postmarket prospective multicenter experience with the EmboTrap II stent retriever.

Materials and methods: A prospective registry of patients treated with EmboTrap II at 7 centers following FDA approval was maintained with baseline patient characteristics, treatment details, and clinical/radiographic follow-up.

Results: Seventy patients were treated with EmboTrap II (mean age, 69.9 years; 48.6% women). Intravenous thrombolysis was given in 34.3%, and emergent large-vessel occlusions were located in the ICA (n = 18), M1 (n = 38), M2 or M3 (n = 13), and basilar artery (n = 1). The 5 × 33 mm device was used in 88% of cases. TICI ≥ 2b recanalization was achieved in 95.7% (82.3% in EmboTrap II-only cases), and first-pass efficacy was achieved in 35.7%. The NIHSS score improved from a preoperative average of 16.3 to 12.1 postprocedure and to 10.5 at discharge. An average of 2.5 [SD, 1.8] passes was recorded per treatment, including non-EmboTrap attempts. Definitive treatment was performed with an alternative device (aspiration or stent retriever) in 9 cases (12.9%). Some hemorrhagic conversion was noted in 22.9% of cases, of which 4.3% were symptomatic. There were no device-related complications.

Conclusions: Initial postmarket results with the EmboTrap II stent retriever are favorable and comparable with those of other commercially available stent retrievers. Compared with EmboTrap II, the first-generation EmboTrap may have a higher first-pass efficacy; however, data are limited by retrospective case analysis, incomplete clinical follow-up, and small sample size, necessitating future trials.


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