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This study investigates effects of preoperative albumin on 30-day TAA outcomes. Additionally, other preoperative risk factors are addressed, including American Anesthesia Society (ASA) class, functional status, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, smoking status, time of operation, and age. Outcomes assessed were readmission, return to operating room, surgical site infection, wound dehiscence, and total length of stay (TLOS). Data was extracted from the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program database. Bivariate comparisons were analyzed using correlation coefficients, t tests, or chi-squared tests; multivariate comparisons used linear or logistic regression. Our data showed no significant correlation between serum albumin and patients with readmission (odds ratio -0.14, P = 0.06), return to operating room (-0.07, P = 0.61), or surgical site infection (-0.08, P = 0.56). With bivariate analysis, functional status and COPD were significant for readmission (12.67, P < 0.001 and 7.83, P < 0.001, respectively) and dehiscence (30.52, P < 0.001 and 6.74, P = 0.05, respectively), while high ASA class (0.4, P = 0.01), increased age (0.1, P < 0.001), and longer time of operation (0.19, P < 0.001) were associated with longer TLOS. With multivariate analysis, functional status showed higher odds of readmission (7.42, P = 0.02) and dehiscence (20.47, P = 0.01), while COPD showed higher odds for readmission (6.65, P < 0.001) and longer TLOS (0.31, P = 0.05). High ASA class (0.42, P < 0.001) and female sex (0.32, P < 0.001) also had higher odds for longer TLOS. In summary, low albumin was not significant for readmission, return to operating room, or surgical site infection in TAA. COPD, functional status, high ASA class, longer time of operation, increased age, and female sex were all correlated with adverse outcomes in TAA.


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The Journal of foot and ankle surgery : official publication of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

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