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Treasures of the Rio Grande delta

Treasures of the Rio Grande delta


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John Bax provides cinematography for an exhaustive study of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Long known as the River of Destiny, the Rio Grande has been the focus of both conflict and peace between Mexico and the United States. Although rich in history, the river’s delta also supports a rich legacy of natural history. Twisting and turning from the Chihuahuan Woodlands to the Gulf of Mexico, the last 250 miles of this great river form a rich delta, a transition zone between the semiarid tropics and the temperate north. Since 1900, most of the delta’s native vegetation has been lost, but many small islands of endangered habitat survive at the edge of farms and cities. These islands harbor an incredible number of endangered or threatened species. Some are known only from the delta or reach their northern limits here.


Copyright Gorgas Science Foundation, Inc. Presented in collaboration with UTB/TSC.

The Foundation has a long history of innovation in the fields of conservation and education at Rancho del Cielo and in South Texas. These documentaries will serve as important tools in conservation projects, and they will provide for an enhanced curriculum. GSF believes that community and individual growth comes through education. GSF is dedicated to the development of new educational materials for use by teachers in the classroom and by the general public. GSF supports and encourages the pursuit of careers in science, medicine, and engineering. GSF has developed and manages three field stations, two in northern Mexico’s El Cielo Biosphere Reserve and one in the Ozark Mountains. In conservation, GSF encourages a pragmatic approach, balancing environmental and human needs. GSF has a long history of involvement in collaborative conservation and educational projects in Northeastern Mexico and South Texas. GSF supports local projects such as beach cleanups and reforestation at Sabal Palms Sanctuary and the Lower Rio Grande Wildlife Refuge. In Mexico, GSF supports research and conservation projects at the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve.

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Treasures of the Rio Grande delta