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Spirit Doctors / Doctores del Espíritu

Spirit Doctors / Doctores del Espíritu


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“Spirit Doctors” (“Doctores del Espíritu”) is an original documentary film co-produced by award-winning filmmakers and anthropologists Michael Van Wagenen, Monica Delgado and Antonio Zavaleta. Van Wagenen and Delgado wrote, photographed, directed and edited the video. “Spirit Doctors” investigates the phenomena of Mexican-American folk healing. Three contemporary healers are followed in their daily work. Spirit channeling, herbs and midwives are shown to be an important part of the cultural environment of the American Southwest. “Spirit Doctors” was the winner of the Best Documentary award at the 1996 Utah Film Festival.

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00:27:00, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVfjHFwtAgI

Spirit Doctors / Doctores del Espíritu