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University of Texas Pan American Authors Reception in 2014. Authors and publications include: Marie T. Mora and Alberto Davila / The economic status of the Hispanic population -- Elvia Ardalani / Callejon Kashani -- Bimal K. Banik / β-Lactams: Unique Structures of Distinction for Novel Molecules (Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry, 30) -- Robert Bradley / Buen gusto and Classicism in the visual cultures of Latin America -- Cynthia Jones / Preserving Life, Destroying Privacy: PICT and the Elderly -- Cynthia Lynch / Budget theory: Policy and public financial management -- Francisco Guajardo / Principal 2.0: Technology and educational leadership -- Jameela Banu / Nutrition and diet in menopause -- Javier Kypuros / System dynamics and control with bond graph modeling -- Jessica Lavariega Monforti / The roots of latino urban agency team-based learning in the social sciences and humanities: Group work that works to generate critical thinking and engagement -- John W. Darcy / Japan Master Tax Guide 2013/2014 -- Karen Watt / The administration and supervision of special programs in education -- Linda English / By all accounts: General stores and community life in Texas and Indian territory -- Marci R. McMahon / Domestic negotiations: Gender, nation, and self-fashioning in U.S. Mexican and Chicana literature and art -- Jose Maria Martinez / El cisne, la espiga y la cruz: Poesia religiosa del modernismo Hispanoamericano -- Maureen Flynn / Cognitive behavior therapy: Core principles for practice -- Myra Infante / Combustible sinners and other sinners -- Paul Saka / Perspectives on pragmatics and philosophy -- Philip Gasquoine / Neuropsychology: Cellular physiology to clinical practice -- Rebecca Mitchell / Modern love and poems of the English roadside, with poems and ballads -- Russell Skowronek / The Norquest Family of Edinburg -- S. George Vincentnathan / Current problems of the penal law and criminology -- S. George Vincentnathan / Crime and justice in India.


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UTPA Authors Reception Video - 2014