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University Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching: Dr. Constantine Tarawneh




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At UTPA since 2003, Tarawneh has taught 17 different graduate and undergraduate courses, and developed four new graduate courses and two new technical electives. He has also advised and mentored more than 2,100 students through various campus activities, programs and research opportunities, including his significant work with the railroad industry. Consistently rated highly by his students, Tarawneh is a tireless recruiter and advisor to students in helping them to obtain internships and jobs. Since he became the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program director in 2006, the number of students has increased significantly. "He (Tarawneh) really strives to get his students to perform to the utmost of their potential," said his department chair Dr. Robert Freeman. His mechanical engineering colleague Dr. Stephen Crown describes him as having "a "contagious passion for doing whatever is possible to help students learn and succeed." "You have to be able to have your teaching styles have a good balance between stuff that can be written on the board, stuff online and stuff that is engaging to students like practical hands-on discussions so you can reach out to all of the students in the class because not everyone learns the same," said Tarawneh, who has won an Outstanding Faculty Award in his college six times and one of the inaugural Outstanding Teaching Awards from The University of Texas System Board of Regents in 2009.



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University Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching: Dr. Constantine Tarawneh