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University Faculty Excellence Award in Service: Dr. Lokenath Debnath




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Debnath served as chair of the Mathematics Department from the year he arrived at UTPA in 2001 until 2011. Under his leadership, a program was established to enhance passing rates of introductory math courses, a Ph.D. program in mathematics was submitted and approved by The University of Texas System Board of Regents, and a mathematics faculty mentor program and external review process for faculty evaluation were developed and implemented, among many other achievements to enhance mathematics education. "He constructed this department from basically a service department into one of the best mathematical departments in the state," said Dr. John Trant, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics. Debnath extended his service beyond the department, college and University to a national scale by serving as the founding managing editor of the International Journal of the Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. His many undergraduate and graduate level text books and research monographs are relied upon worldwide. Debnath has been called "driven" in his mission to make a difference. "I am a professor. I teach and I also write books and papers to expand knowledge, to create knowledge so others get benefit from that," Debnath said. "Students are our assets for our future generations. We inspire them, we stimulate them, we try to impart knowledge and educate them so they can become successful in their lives."



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University Faculty Excellence Award in Service: Dr. Lokenath Debnath