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The inaugural Bronc Round Up, which will take place August 26-28, is a fun, yet informational conference planned to ease the transition from high school to college of entering freshmen by introducing new students to all aspects of UTPA before classes begin in the fall.

"I am excited for Bronc Round Up because every time I visit the campus I feel more comfortable attending school there," said Bauer, who plans to major in biology.

On day one of Bronc Round Up, students will meet at the Fieldhouse Courtyard to register for three full days of activities. Students will be able to familiarize themselves with their college at a Meet Your College Open House, where they can attend concurrent sessions providing information on their chosen field of study. Fun evening activities, such as a pool and pizza party, intramural tournament play and a floating cinema, are planned to give students a chance to meet fellow Broncs.

Day two begins at the Fieldhouse with a Java Wake-Up from 8-9:45 a.m., followed by a Student Services fair and sessions on academic programming, student services and organizations and Bronc traditions.

Day three, which is optional, will give students a chance to locate their classes with help from the Visitors Center staff as well as buy necessary books and supplies. The UTPA shuttle will stop on the hour and half hour at Heritage Hall, the UTPA Bookstore and Walmart from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Sally Mendiola, associate director of admissions and new student services, said the University wanted new students to receive more guidance than what is currently offered during the two-day freshman orientation.

"Orientation surveys indicated too much information was provided during a short time span," Mendiola said. "Surveys also indicated students wanted to select the informational sessions that best suited them. Bronc Round Up will not only give students more time to adjust to the college environment, but will also allow them to choose the informational sessions they will attend."

An Orientation Committee, made up of UTPA faculty and staff, meets annually to schedule orientation and fine tune the event. This year the committee created a sub-group to study ways to improve new student orientation, and subsequently adopted a proposal that added a three-day Bronc Round Up conference to the two-day orientation schedule to build on the information already provided to students during the orientation sessions, Mendiola said.

"We hope new Broncs will find UTPA rich in tradition and filled with opportunity as they begin their higher education. We would like Bronc Round Up to be an event expected by new students and one that they will not want to miss," she said.



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Bronc TV News - Bronc Round Up 2011