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Given that pedagogical approaches that challenge dominant language ideologies are not yet well represented in WAC/WID scholarship, this chapter outlines a transdisciplinary framework for developing translingual pedagogies. The framework is built around the notion of transfronterizo/ a collaborators because before instructors can engage their students in exploring and challenging their views toward language, instructors must first critically interrogate their own. This interrogation must consider the unique political, social, economic, and linguistic exigencies of where an institution is located. The chapter concludes by showing that a transdisciplinary and translingual collaboration that is mutually transformative changes faculty collaborators in how they perceive their linguistic histories and abilities, challenges/enriches their instructional practices, and expands/complicates their scholarly knowledge. This chapter seeks to assist WAC/WID faculty interested in developing translingual and transdisciplinary collaborations in institutions where no professional development opportunities that focus on language difference exist or as an addition to a workshop setting.


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Diverse Approaches to Teaching, Learning, and Writing Across the Curriculum: IWAC at 25





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