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What does involve leading a new experience of teaching and learning under the new paradigm of a true knowledge society? Is it about mastering the teaching experience through critical reflection, or knowing the natural and social environment in its multiple interactions? Isn’t it about favoring an educational environment where students are not only limited to participate in a traditional way, but expect to find meaning to their learning experience and be able to build the acquired knowledge? This article allows to identify different stages in the new educational models within a multicultural environment. In other words, a field where teachers are asked to transform their role as exhibitors of knowledge to learning facilitators, and students from spectators to active participants, proactive and critical members in the construction of their own knowledge, acting as a guide in the development of competences that allow students to communicate in a timely manner and complex world. Through different insight and scenarios, practices and methodologies, this article presents a pedagogical tool that could facilitate the organization and the establishment of a follow-up in an actual form and thus contribute to the improvement of the study programs. Keywords: curriculum design, didactical training, diversity, Foreign languages, multicultural environment, teaching challenges

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