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The term translation policy has become problematic for the field of Translation Studies because it has meant so many things to so many authors that it threatens to lose some of its efficacy (see Meylaerts 2011a, 163–166). In light of this, the concept of translation policy should be developed so that it will be broad enough to account for diverse phenomena in different places with multiple agents, while retaining specific parameters that make the concept methodologically useful. This article will consider insights from Translation Studies and from other fields, especially from the field of Language Policy, in order to develop such a concept of translation policy. To illustrate how the understanding of translation policy that will be proposed may be used in a descriptive paradigm, the article will present translation policy in Scotland’s local government as a case study.


© 2016 John Benjamins Publishing Company. Published online: 19 April 2016. Original published version available at https://doi.org/10.1075/target.28.1.04gon.

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Target. International Journal of Translation Studies





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